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Hightouch provides everything data teams need to put data into action by moving it from your warehouse to the tools your business needs

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Introducing Syncs:
the most reliable way to move data to your tools

Syncs handle the painfully common “edge” cases so you don’t have to:

Step 1
Step 1

We query your warehouse using SQL.

We query your warehouse for the data you need, using your models that already exists on top of your warehouse in dbt or Looker, as well as new models you can create with SQL in Hightouch. Anything you can express in SQL, you can do in Hightouch.

Step 2
Step 2

Changes are diffed since last sync.

We diff results between syncs, allowing us to only send updated rows to APIs, saving you time and money.

Step 3
Step 3

Add and update rows to destination.

For updating, we match rows from your model to your destination based on matching fields, that you select in Hightouch. If a row from your model doesn’t match any rows in your destination, we can add it.

Step 4
Step 4

Failed rows are retried.

If any rows get rate limited, our queue system will automatically back-off and retry them later. Rejected rows don’t cause the entire sync to fail and are retried in the next sync.

Step 5
Step 5

All changes to rows are logged.

Never worry why your rows failed ever again. Our live debugger provides all the info you need (such as responses from API requests) to help you identify and fix errors

Data tool compatability

We play nice with all your data tools, like dbt

Hightouch integrates natively with dbt, allowing you to pull your existing dbt models via git and trigger Syncs after the completion of dbt jobs

dbt run completes mobile

1. dbt Run Completes

dtb model mobile

2. dbt Model is pulled from your git repo

hightouch sync mobile

3. Hightouch Sync starts using dbt Model


Airflow & Custom API triggers

Orchestrate Syncs as steps in your Airflow DAG using our open source Airflow operator

Trigger Syncs via API call


BI Tools

Use existings models from BI Tools like Looker and Tableau

Security and Architecture

It’s your data: keep it in your warehouse

Hightouch never stores any of your data. We don't need to and don't want to. We believe that companies should have control of their data and not be locked to any single vendor. Hightouch works with companies in regulated industries like Finance and Healthcare.

How your data passes through Hightouch:

  • 1

    We run queries directly on your warehouse.
  • 2

    (Optional). We store all customer data (logs, query results, etc) temporarily in your cloud (ex: AWS, GCP).
  • 3

    We transfer data to your destination, without storing it on our end.
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Version Control

Maintain control of your Syncs

Your Syncs are as valuable as production code. Hightouch encourages engineering best practices by bi-directionally syncing all configuration changes with git.

Version control features:

  • Bi-directional updates:Every time you update a Sync, a commit or PR is made in your git repo. When you update configurations from your CLI, your commits will update the Hightouch as well.

  • Based on git protocol:We connect with the services you already use such as Github and Bitbucket.

  • Deep observability:See all edits & roll back unintended changes immediately. You can require PRs to ensure all changes get approved.

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Remove barriers to data

Focus on models, let business teams handle the rest

Hightouch enables you to focus on what you do best: creating models. Then, instead of business team members piling requests to your never ending backlog, they can configure how those data models should appear in their SaaS tools on their own.

Collaboration features:

  • Syncs can be written by anyone:Our easy to use Syncs UI enables business teams to configure how the data you modeled should appear in their tools (such as which fields they need updated).

  • Leverage models directly from BI tools like Looker & Tableau:Business teams can select the data they need using the familiar UI of their favorite BI tools.

  • Filter data on top of models:Optionally enable our visual filtering UI that allows business users to build audiences on top of the models you’ve created. For example, marketers can filter an audience to send to Google Ads.


Automate business workflows with customer data

Hightouch is not just a syncing tool: we help you automate workflows for taking action within your tools (such as sending a Slack message).

Take actions in your tools

Our integrations allow you to automate actions in your destinations, like converting a contact to a lead in Salesforce or creating a task in Asana, Jira or Zendesk

Notifications based on changes in data

Notify both internal and external stakeholders about key changes in your warehouse, such as sending a Slack message when a new user signs up for your app

Databases as a destination (Internal ETL):

We support moving data into prod databases like Postgres so you can utilize data in-product that was previously inaccessible for use cases like personalization

Take action
Observability Tools

Never worry why your rows failed

Hightouch provides deep visibility into the process behind every Sync and observability so that you never miss a failure.


Our live debugger logs changes to rows and provides all the info you need (such as responses from API requests) to help you identify and fix errors


Get alerted when syncs fail in tools like Datadog, Pagerduty, & Slack


Ready to leverage your customer data?

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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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