Gorgias drives a +60% lift in customer acquisition and doubles paid media event match rates with data activation

Gorgias uses Hightouch to improve ad matching rates and supercharge demand generation.


  • Nearly 2x increase in match rates for paid media (from 50% to 90%)
  • 60% increase in net new customers
  • 0 to $2M increase in annual recurring revenue from paid acquisition channels
  • 60-70% increase in outbound pipeline
  • 2x increase in quarterly revenue

About Gorgias

Founded in 2015, Gorgias is an e-commerce helpdesk solution used by more than 7,200 direct-to-consumer brands to power their marketing stack across performance (paid ads) and lifecycle marketing. Gorgias connects business apps and communication channels to give support agents a unified view of their customers and enable features such as auto-responses to common customer requests. Gorgias helps merchants leverage support as a way to increase sales and ultimately deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The Problem: Improving Performance in Acquisition Channels

The Gorgias growth operations team has a central mission to enable other teams, including business development, product, and customer success with a holistic, data-driven view of all customer journeys. This view relies quite heavily on automation and involves collating hundreds of thousands of daily conversations from Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels.

With no centralized view of the customer in place, the growth ops team realized they needed to make some drastic changes to be able to continue to thrive and grow, including:

  • Adopting a modern data stack
  • Transitioning to a multi-touch attribution model
  • Displaying actionable insights
  • Understanding and optimizing the performance of each acquisition channel
  • Syncing data to downstream go-to-market tools

The Solution: Implementation of A Modern Data Platform & Data Activation

The Gorgias data team knew that they needed to build a modern data platform that could meet their data needs across storage, transformation, and activation. The team quickly turned to BigQuery and Hightouch - two category leaders that together, could provide the capabilities necessary to level-up Gorgias teams across the organization with clean and actionable customer data.

BigQuery as a Centralized Data Platform

In search of a scalable data platform that would integrate with its current technology stack, Gorgias quickly landed on Google BigQuery. With BigQuery, Gorgias is able to consolidate all of its customer data across its many different sources into a centralized platform.

Switching to Google Cloud Platform was a company-wide decision led by our CTO because we were using several Google tools. Our Growth teams benefited a lot from the migration due to BigQuery’s simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use.

Noemie Happi NonoGrowth Ops Manager at Gorgias

Using BigQuery, Gorgias has built a number of different data models to improve outreach and marketing efforts. This includes a lead scoring model that groups contacts and accounts into tiers to better match them with different plans and business tiers. Gorgias also uses BigQuery to enrich these data models with demographic data (e.g., company size, industry, and revenue), behavioral data (e.g., website data and emails), and other signals such as product usage data and buying intent for various products.

Hightouch for Data Activation

With centralized customer data models now in place, thanks to BigQuery, Gorgias turned to Hightouch to activate this data in its various business applications.

Enhanced Ad Targeting and Conversion Signals

Hightouch’s native integrations with all major ad platforms have allowed Gorgias to shift away from manual CSV uploads of incomplete & inaccurate Hubspot customer data. The new automated Hightouch syncs to ad platforms from BigQuery have saved the team valuable time and maximized customer match rates - almost doubling what they had previously seen. These efforts laid the foundation that has since allowed the team to increase annual recurring revenue from paid acquisition channels by $2M.

When you have a million companies in your CRM it’s really tough to get a million accurate records.

Max SutraGrowth Marketing & Demand Generation Lead at Gorgias

With Hightouch running on top of BigQuery, Gorgias can take advantage of all the unique business logic and data models living in the warehouse and sync that data directly to ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Linkedin.

Using Hightouch to centrally manage audiences, Gorgias can target companies across various ad platforms. Conversion events are then sent back to the ad platforms for improved targeting, reporting, and click-through rates.

In addition to this, Gorgias is able to dynamically target companies with tailor-made ads across social platforms when they perform specific intent signals (e.g. installing a competitor or partner product.) The same thing is done for prospects that meet certain behavioral requirements (e.g. when a prospect opens an email but doesn’t reply.)

Hightouch allows us to target the same people across the whole garden of advertising and push audiences to different channels so we can ensure the same people see the same ads across the Internet.

Max SutraGrowth Marketing & Demand Generation Lead at Gorgias

By enriching conversion signals with first-party customer data residing in the warehouse and activating that data with Hightouch, Gorgias nearly doubled customer match rates across advertising platforms

Hightouch is dynamic, you don’t need to upload CSVs and that’s a game-changer for us. We are able to target the right people, at the right moment, with the right message.

Max SutraGrowth Marketing & Demand Generation Lead at Gorgias

Supercharged Demand Generation and Segmentation

For demand generation, Gorgias takes advantage of all the unique data models built in BigQuery and uses Hightouch to sync that data directly to Hubspot and reply.io so the outbound team can prioritize high-value accounts and enroll contacts in customized email sequences in real-time.

Gorgias can also better match accounts to specific plans based on their unique requirements and identify which contacts need a more human touch. With Hightouch, Gorgias’ demand generation team can monitor product usage spikes and also get notified when an account installs a competitor. In addition to this, they can predict the value of a deal and the probability of that deal closing.

We try to cover a 360-degree view of our outreach and that’s way easier to do with Hightouch because all you have to do is write a simple SQL query.

Max SutraGrowth Marketing & Demand Generation Lead at Gorgias

Since using Hightouch to sync data to Hubspot, Gorgias has seen nearly a 2X increase in quarterly revenue from outbound channels, a 60-70% increase in outbound pipeline, and a 60% increase in net new customers.

What’s Next?

Gorgias is in the process of building out a world-class growth marketing team, so if you’re interested in joining a team with highly advanced technical skills, check out their open positions.

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